Claiming Your Birth Right Gifts

Life is full of challenges and sometimes we are suppressed by the burdens. We forget our purpose in life because of the stress and thus we forget to appreciate what our birthright is. We deserve more in our lives and as a result we should claim what our birth right is.

We are taught to love and to be loved, to value and to be valued, to feel safe and accept who we are, to be our authentic self, and to live a healthy, long life that we deserve. These are our birth rights and we should claim them by devoting our life toward progress and positive attitudes. These birth rights are overlooked because of the amount of burden we face each day, but we should settle down and understand that we have to look within ourselves to explore what is beyond our own scope of understanding out there in the world.

Claiming our birth right means simply accepting who we are and living a life of love and not of hate. It starts with taking that first step toward realizing our true potentials, as beings of spiritual fulfillment and a desire to be our true selves. Claiming our birth right means accepting our God-given lives. Do you know who you are and why you are here? We are not talking about what your diplomas, certifications, or digital badges say about you. We are talking about your true essence of your soul.

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