Together, We can build a world where knowledge is accessible and valued.

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Together, we can build a world where knowledge is accessible and valued.

Our Impact 

We’ve worked on improving the lives of over 100,000 young people through our creative and research projects to help professionals who are serious about helping others and being a Merchant of Hope.

What We Do

We Believe 

We believe in you! Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you do not matter. Your position with God has not changed. Create your plan and focus on what you desire in your heart. Believe in Yourself and Go Far!

We Inspire 

Today’s society needs to see examples and the right guidance at every stage. We share stories to inspire others so that they can live their dreams and be a Merchant of Hope too.

We Inform 

It’s not enough to be book smart. We provide knowledge in all areas of life, including the body, mind, and spirit. We are spiritual beings having human experiences on Earth–Our Main University. We Educate We help people meet their personal and professional goals by enrolling in one of our classes or programs that may be offered online or in person.

We take great pride in providing practical, research-based, and data-driven products and services around the world for humanity to help them on their path of whatever God has called them to do in their life’s work.