Author Dr. Alicia Holland will release the next installment in the Linelle Destiny Book Series.

This bundle includes Linelle Destiny Series books #11-15.

Book #11, Destiny’s Road Trip, Destiny takes her first trip across the Deep South. Destiny, Calix, and her nephew drive to see Calix’s uncle in South Carolina. After that visit, Destiny has a tutoring presentation in Florida.

Book #12, Destiny’s Birthday Bash, it’s Destiny’s Birthday. Her birthday wish is to get enough funds to take her back home for a trip. Will her wish be granted?

Book #13, Destiny’s Brothers Poor Destiny, Her brother, Dino is about to play in the the football championship his senior year in high school and Keith is about to leave the country for a military assignment in Germany.

In Book #14, Destiny’s Grandmother Lucie-Belle is the best grandmother in the World, Destiny terms her grandmother as the best grandmother in the world. She spends all of her time with her Grandchildren and shares lots of stories about her own childhood and pearls of wisdom to help them on their own life journey. Linelle Destiny learns that her grandmother is dying and unfortunately, she never gets a chance to say good-bye.

In book #15, Destiny’s Worst Day Nothing is going right, things in her life go wrong. Her car isn’t working, she doesn’t get paid. She goes through torment. Will things finally turn around for Destiny?

You can find the Linelle Destiny book series at major bookstores near you, including Barnes and Nobles, Books-A-Million, and Amazon. You may also order them directly from the publisher.

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